Digital Marketing Consultants

Developing strategy to grow businesses in the online marketplace

Strategy is what we do.

Our business is growing your business. In our digital world, most growth happens online. That's where consumers are looking for services and products like yours. Enter Knucklepuck — we supplement your marketing team and ensure your brand is visible online, increasing traffic and attracting paying customers.

We help you climb the ranks of top search engines by using effective copy, strategic design, specialized search data, and carefully placed digital ads.

The Process


Step 1

When we say we're a part of your team, we mean it. Getting to know you is a crucial step in our workflow — we want to know you, your company, your goals and how you do things.


Step 2

A digital marketing strategy starts with understanding what search engines want. Our SEO team crunches the numbers to see how you're doing in rankings, revealing where we can start and how the site can improve. Analysis leads to action plans, which our data experts love to implement.


Step 3

High quality content is the lifeblood of a great digital marketing strategy. Our content team blends skills of copywriting and journalism to craft content — from social media posts to sales copy to research-intensive articles — all backed up by proven keyword research techniques.


Step 4

Exceptional user experiences compel customers to stay on your website or app and convert. The development team intertwines form and function to achieve this, customizing design aesthetic with a flawless usability that works for you.


Step 5

Paid marketing in the digital space draws a customer's eye toward your business. Our paid media team is skilled in getting your products or services visibility — no more guessing where to run ads and what they should say.


Step 6

Growth is constant, so our work is never done. By meticulously tracking all of the changes to your site, we can follow progress and scale the successful strategies to facilitate even more growth.


The Knucklepuck Team

We're the creative dynamos behind your digital marketing strategy. Our expertise is driven by a penchant for invention and execution.

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