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About Knucklepuck

Knucklepuck has flourished since its inception.

Knucklepuck Office

As a forward-thinking digital agency, we are a creative team of marketers, developers, writers, and strategists. Focused on measurable outcomes, we understand that our success is defined by how well we grow our clients’ businesses.

More than the sum of our parts, Knucklepuck leverages the diverse skills of our talented crew to become an extension of our clients’ teams. It’s this collaboration that powers our ability to produce amazing work.

Mission Statement

Knucklepuck is a fully-integrated extension of your digital marketing team focused on crafting web experiences that elevate your brand, engage your users and drive sustainable, bottom-line growth to your business.

“Living your values together as a company creates a common bond — an alignment that allows every single person maximize their output for the team.” – Brett Snyder, CEO & Founder

Core Values

Our core values reflect our cohesion as a team and dictate how we function, both internally and as an extension of our clients’ team. We encourage our team to innovate and think critically and creativity to solve complex problems.


Do what you say you will do. Accountability ensures our team can function as a cooperative unit. We rely on each other to hold ourselves to the highest quality standard. Accountability sets explicit expectations that foster alignment and cultivate efficiency.


Be honest. Be fair. Integrity reflects a personal commitment to always act in the best interest of the team in pursuit of excellence. Integrity breeds self-awareness, which allows us to leverage our strengths to drive optimal results.


Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Empathy sets us apart. It’s not about agreeing with someone else’s perspective, but rather understanding that perspective and appreciating the context that informs their worldview.

Meet the Team

A hard-working, fun-loving crew who believes in ideas over egos and knows how to get things done.


Conventional wisdom suggests an agency be named after the founder or that the name should clearly articulate the service you provide. Sound, traditional advice, but we wanted to put our own spin on the digital agency model. We needed our name to show that we’re not exactly like everybody else. Not different for the sake of being different, but different…

Can We Help?

If you have an idea, a project or a challenge, we’d love to hear about it.