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Discover the story behind our name.

Conventional wisdom suggests an agency be named after the founder or that the name should clearly articulate the service you provide.

Sound, traditional advice, but we wanted to put our own spin on the digital agency model. We needed our name to show that we’re not exactly like everybody else.

Not different for the sake of being different, but different enough to stand out and be recognized as what we are. Original. Forward-thinking. Valuable.

So we chose Knucklepuck. And it fit.

The name stands out. And once we have their attention, businesses recognize the advantages of our unique culture and deliberate approach to creating value.

As an agency, we understand that we’re only successful if we grow our client’s business. To accomplish that, we bring the full, collective mindshare of our team. We are marketers, developers, producers, and strategists; we are more than the sum of our parts. No founder’s name or digital buzzword can fully represent the value we bring our clients.

Knucklepuck. Our name stands out, just as our work does.

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