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  • Corey Brown

    Corey Brown Selected to be Keynote Speaker at BOLD

    BOLD, a series of interactive workshops, has chosen Corey Brown as the keynote speaker at their first event on September 19, 2019. Brown is the Director of Web Services at Knucklepuck, a digital marketing agency in Arlington, VA and the founder of No Treble, the online magazine for bass players. When announcing the selection, KiKi…

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  • Two people working over documents and laptops.

    5 Tips for Preparing for the New Year

    In December, many businesses focus a lot of energy on closing out the quarter and, in some cases, the year. Taking even just a little bit of time during December to prepare for the coming new calendar year can make a meaningful difference in Q1 and throughout the year. You can meander into next year…

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  • working on computer

    Best Practices for Prioritizing Projects

    Ever been sitting in front of your work laptop and said to yourself, I’ve got so much time and so little to do, I just don’t know what to do to occupy myself? Probably not. It seems that we all have more than enough to do to fill our time. In fact, most of us…

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  • Corey Brown at WordCamp 2018

    Knucklepuck’s Corey Brown & Joey Blake Featured at WordCamp 2018 Baltimore

    Corey Brown, Director of Web Services at Knucklepuck, opened WordCamp Baltimore with the 1st presentation of the weekend. Brown was passionate about the importance of recognizing that— beyond building an effective front end of the website — designing the CMS (content management system) for the content managers responsible for the site is of critical importance.…

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  • Knucklepuck employees working

    How to Prepare Students for Digital Marketing Careers

    While colleges and universities offer career preparation classes, their focus is commonly on resume prep and presentation skills. These are important lessons, but they don’t prepare students to do work-related tasks. Here is some advice to schools and professors on how to prep your students for a career in digital marketing. Instill the Habit of…

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  • Should You Switch to Gutenberg?

    Recently, you may have noticed a notification on your WordPress dashboard announcing that a “new, modern publishing experience is coming soon.” This is Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the new editing environment for WordPress. Gutenberg is scheduled to be released with WordPress 5.0 (we are currently on 4.9.8). You may have heard rumblings about this on Twitter…

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  • Mobile site phone

    Google’s Mobile-First Index Survival Strategies

    Over half of website traffic is now coming from mobile and tablet devices which means Google has made the decision to switch to mobile-first indexing. Don’t worry though, we’ll help you make the switch to mobile indexing— and thrive — with five specific suggestions to make sure your website continues to rank on Google. Why…

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  • 5 Myths about Networking for Digital Marketers

    If you’re like me, you’re pretty fresh in the world of professional digital marketing. Sometimes the idea of networking can be a bit daunting. You’re still getting acquainted with the world of digital media and internet marketing. You might picture a stuffy event where you have to wear a business suit, then you stand awkwardly…

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  • Brett's headshot photo

    Knucklepuck’s CEO Named Member of Ballston BID’s Board of Directors

    Knucklepuck CEO, Brett Snyder, recently accepted the invitation to join Ballston Business Improvement District’s Board. The board works to improve the Ballston area in terms of creating partnerships, collaborations and fostering a strong sense of community in Ballston, an urban town in Arlington, Virginia. Snyder is looking forward to working with the BID. On the…

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  • 26 Marketing Quotes That You’ll Want to Use

    “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin “Statistics are like bikinis — they show a lot but not everything.” – Lou Piniella “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin “I’m just an individual who doesn’t feel that I need to have…

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