Bamboo Chalupa? It’s a digital marketing podcast I first learned about when I clicked on the headline “25 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Marketer.” After checking out many of the recommendations on the list, I came to the opinion that the number was inflated. Bamboo Chalupa was one of the good ones, though.

Bamboo Chalupa podcast logo of a panda eating a chalupa.

Is that a panda eating tasty Mexican food? Such is the logo of Bamboo Chalupa, a digital marketing podcast.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Bamboo Chalupa is an inventive name. I shouldn’t be surprised, seeing as I now work for one of the hosts, Brett Snyder, who gave Knucklepuck it’s distinctly memorable name. But the title isn’t the only thing memorable about the podcast. Bamboo Chalupa is chock full of sage marketing advice any digital marketer can benefit from. Below are just five things I learned.

1. Focus on execution and iteration.

In a discussion of effective content, the guys made the point that great keyword research is worthless unless you can translate it into site content.

It’s a good reminder that a regular idea with terrific execution can be more successful than a great idea that is not acted on or properly executed.

2. Don’t lose the ‘why.’

In a recent podcast, Brett explained that the purpose of link building is to promote content — or different content assets — on websites with the purpose of getting visibility and increased exposure for the brand. He added that the SEO perspective of influencing Google’s ranking algorithm is a secondary, albeit important, goal.

Sometimes when we’re involved in the small details, we lose the “why” of our actions. Using the content example, if we look at content as a means to climb in the SERPs, we could lose sight of the content as a way to connect with our target audience.

It’s good to take a step back, look at the big picture and make sure you are focusing your efforts on primary goals and not getting sidetracked by secondary benefits.

3. People expect technology to facilitate scale.

In a discussion on templated outreach, co-host Nate Shivar made the point that personalization doesn’t scale even with new technology that makes it appear that it does.

I took that as reminder that, although you can leverage technology to expand many aspects of your business, make sure that the end result of scaling is not empty numbers.

4. Don’t get distracted by ‘shiny objects.’

Brett made the point of how easy it is for digital marketers to get sidetracked by the latest and greatest shortcuts. Adding that sometimes it’s best to stay the course with tactics that are both sustainable and scalable.

Speaking as a marketer, I know first-hand that marketers are often like children who chase after a shiny object, but once they catch the object they soon lose interest in it and start chasing the next thing. Consistency and an open mind that does not react too impulsively can keep you on — or near enough to — the leading edge and off the bleeding edge.

5. Trust, but verify.

In one of the older posts, Brett — who proudly described himself as a data-informed decision maker — made the point that data-based decision making is a prudent way to run a marketing engagement as long as you can be sure of the accuracy of the information.

This is a good “heads up” to make sure that we are comfortable with the source of the information that we depend on. Is it corrupt, polluted or inaccurate? Or is it good enough for the purpose you are using it?

About Bamboo Chalupa

Bamboo Chalupa, started in 2014, is an SEO podcast targeted to digital marketers — agency, in-house and DIY. It boasts more than 50 episodes to date and is hosted by Nate Shivar and Brett Snyder.

Shivar describes the podcast: “We keep things evergreen, useful and concise. No rambling, no self-promotion, no interstitial advertising and nothing that won’t be relevant after the next Google Update.”

According to reviewer Sarah L: “If you’re looking for a digital marketing podcast that doesn’t try to sell you on services every five minutes and provides a valuable perspective on SEO and digital, then you have to try Bamboo Chalupa.”