5 Tips for Preparing for the New Year

In December, many businesses focus a lot of energy on closing out the quarter and, in some cases, the year. Taking even just a little bit of time during December to prepare for the coming new calendar year can make a meaningful difference in Q1 and throughout the year. You can meander into next year or launch into it with vigor and purpose. Here are five tips to help you get a strong start.

#1: Extract Lessons from Last Year

  • Review last year’s biggest wins/losses and the driving forces behind them.
  • Identify core lessons/takeaways. Integrate them into your strategic plan.
  • Go through this process with all members of the team so you can incorporate  their feedback and experiences

#2: Talk to Your Customers

  • Discuss the performance of their businesses, align business goals and create a plan for the upcoming year
  • Ask them what they like and what they don’t like about your products/services/systems and what they’d like to see from your company in the future.

NOTE: Opportunities to make adjustments based on their feedback is a good way to keep them as customers, increase their commitment and learn from them how to attract and keep new customers.

#3: Talk to Your Mentors

  • Get their perspective on the last year and the year to come.
  • If you don’t have a mentor, reach out to people who are more successful than you or people who’ve done what you want to do.
  • Talk to them about your greatest challenges and about what they’d do in your situation to grow your career/company.

#4: Identify Your Biggest Opportunity

  • Identify the largest and most profitable growth potential area for your business
  • Marshall your resources on achieving goals in that area and align them with your strategic plan.

#5: Set Measurable Goals

  • Set goals for the company as a whole and for departments and individuals.
  • Goals should be measurable and metric-based that can be rallied around.
  • These numbers and goals should be transparent, easily communicated and include milestones against which you can measure performance


Tackle these 5 tips properly and you’ll be ready to overachieve in the coming year.


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