Knucklepuck CEO, Brett Snyder, recently accepted the invitation to join Ballston Business Improvement District’s Board. The board works to improve the Ballston area in terms of creating partnerships, collaborations and fostering a strong sense of community in Ballston, an urban town in Arlington, Virginia.

Snyder is looking forward to working with the BID. On the BallstonConnect Podcast with Tina Leone, he said “It’s an investment we get to make in terms of making an attachment to our community.” Ballston is quickly becoming an even better place to live and work with the BID as the driving force.

Knucklepuck is growing right along with the Ballston area. “We really invest in growing our people,” said Snyder. In 2018, Knucklepuck has acquired a new Web Development team and is planning to add additional roles to their marketing team in the third quarter.

Knucklepuck and The Ballston BID will be working closely together on ideas and initiatives to help the Ballston area become a thriving business, cultural and entertainment destination.


Check out the BallstonConnect Podcast and keep your eye out for more news about Knucklepuck and the Ballston BID.