Heads up! You might be spending hundreds or thousands of Paid Media advertising dollars on an audience you did not want to reach. And, your performance metrics might be way off.

If you’ve utilized Google AdWords for your or your client’s digital marketing initiatives recently, you have most likely found yourself thrust into the “new and improved” Google AdWords interface beta.

Last week while doing daily checks in the new interface, I stumbled upon something I had never seen before — a “Total: Other” audience classification within a highly targeted Display Remarketing campaign with an assigned audience. This “Total: Other” audience had impressions and clicks resulting in ad spend and skewed performance data.

An example of “Total: Other” Audience in the new Google AdWord interface.

An example of “Total: Other” Audience in the new Google AdWord interface.

This meant these ads were displaying to users outside of my assigned Remarketing audience. How could this have happened?

After digging for setting discrepancies in both the new and old AdWords interfaces and discussing the problem with our agency Google representative, the culprit was discovered.

It was a somewhat hidden setting tucked away at the ad group level that is only accessible in the old AdWords interface. This traffic is only viewable and segmented in the new AdWords interface.

A screenshot of the AdWords interface.

How to Save Your AdWords Budget

Do yourselves and your clients a favor by double checking your traffic in the new AdWords interface and the setting in the old AdWords interface.

First, switch to the old AdWords view. Then, select the Display Network tab and click “+Targeting” on the ad group level. Below “Targeting Optimization,” look for “Let AdWords automatically find new customers.” If this box is checked, you’re likely sending ad spend down the drain and targeting unwanted audiences.

Screenshot that shows where to find the "Let AdWords automatically find new customers." checkbox.

Fixing the problem is simple — uncheck the box.

This one click will save you and your clients’ businesses hundreds (if not more) in ad spend.

Outsource Your Paid Media Management

This level of due diligence is part of our everyday routine at Knucklepuck. If the time has come for you to outsource your AdWords or other paid digital marketing, I would love to help.

Our Paid Media account management service involves checking and rechecking seemingly “everyday” details to make sure we’re utilizing our clients’ money judiciously. Our paid advertising strategies are custom designed to capture relevant traffic and generate quality leads.

If you have any questions about this new feature, or about working with Knucklepuck, get in touch with me.