For the past three years, I’ve been bootstrapping like it’s my job because it actually has been. I knew starting Knucklepuck and growing it from the ground up would take a daily hustle, and not a day goes by that me and my team don’t take that seriously.

Arlington’s Fastest Growing Company AwardAnd the hard work has paid off. Winning Arlington’s Fastest Growing Company is proof.

To be clear, it’s not that making a certain revenue per year or winning an award is the end-goal. It’s just a byproduct. Marketing effectively, offering valuable strategy and growing businesses — that’s what we’re proud of.

Earning the revenue and winning the award is validation that the approach we’ve taken to our client work is recognized in traditional business metrics.

I’m incredibly thankful for my community of generous clients and talented staff who’ve helped us get here.

Our success starts with our team, who are some of the best digital marketers I’ve ever worked with. It’s their skill and dedication to their work that has helped our clients grow, and in turn, our clients have reinvested their growth back into Knucklepuck.

Lastly, I owe huge thanks to the Ballston BID and Arlington Economic Development, who welcomed Knucklepuck into this community with open arms and have honored us with this award. The bar is set, and we’ll be using all 365 of 2018 to surpass it.