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  • Knucklepuck Wins ‘Fastest Growing Company’

    For the past three years, I’ve been bootstrapping like it’s my job because it actually has been. I knew starting Knucklepuck and growing it from the ground up would take a daily hustle, and not a day goes by that me and my team don’t take that seriously. And the hard work has paid off.…

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  • Cloaking in SEO

    You and Google have been seeing each other for a while now and things are starting to get serious. “This relationship is working out really well. Seriously, you’re everything I want,” Google says as it nuzzles in closer. You try to act normal but have to stifle a sigh, knowing you carry a dark secret.…

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  • #TBT: Pumpkin Patch Volunteering

    Alright — you caught us. It’s Wednesday and we’re posting a #tbt. But seeing how Thanksgiving is tomorrow, we couldn’t pass up the two-for-one opportunity. This Thanksgiving, we’re especially grateful to live in the vibrant neighborhood of Ballston. Our founder, Brett Snyder, chose to headquarter Knucklepuck in this part of Arlington, Virginia, because it’s a…

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  • Knucklepuck employees working

    The Major Google Algorithm Updates of Summer 2017 and Why You Should Care

    Google is constantly updating its algorithm, making it hard for webmasters to best optimize their sites, and this summer was no exception. The three most recent major updates in May, June and August caused tidal waves in the SEO community as Google rolled out new requirements and penalties to match. Google was never one to…

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  • Paid Media and Remarketing — The Ideal Alliance

    Paid media strategies are what help to bring a masterpiece to life. Through consistent remarketing efforts, paid media helps a show to outlive its debut by maximizing on brand awareness and increasing user engagement. Digital marketers implement paid ad placement and audience targeting within their campaigns to identify user preferences, to bring forth better search…

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  • How to Craft Content That Ranks

    On the proverbial stage that is the internet, content is the star of the show. It’s what everyone comes to see, and what keeps users coming back for more — if it’s any good, that is. The key to getting users — and search engines — to fawn over your content instead of others can…

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  • Brett Snyder being introduced to speak on stage at LaunchCon 2017.

    5 Takeaways from LaunchCon 2017

    If digital marketers must be anything, it’s students of the industry. As the internet changes, so must we, which is why investing in a marketing education is of the utmost importance. In late April 2017, our own Brett Snyder was one of 10 experts to educate more than 100 marketers on tools and trends of…

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  • Allie Brown speaking at the Campaigns and Marketing Summit

    Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

    Marketing is an ever-changing industry. As trends and technologies change, we must adapt with it. With 2017 upon us, now is the perfect time to look ahead at the trends digital marketers can expect next year. This was one of the main focuses of the Campaigns and Marketing Summit held at the National Press Club…

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  • Why You Should Care About Google’s 2016 Penguin Update

    What is Penguin 4.0? Penguin is a Google algorithm that finds and catches spam. Namely, it locates shady links on a website placed without that site’s users in mind — in other words, links that exist solely to game the SEO system. Sites generate bad backlinks by purchasing them, by improperly optimizing anchor text, and…

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  • How to Choose an SEO Company

    One of the biggest decisions you can make for your business can also be the toughest. At some point in the life cycle of a business, it becomes apparent that the brand’s online presence matters as much — if not more — than the swathes of physical collateral, pamphlets and stickers you can mail to…

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