Paid media strategies are what help to bring a masterpiece to life. Through consistent remarketing efforts, paid media helps a show to outlive its debut by maximizing on brand awareness and increasing user engagement.

Digital marketers implement paid ad placement and audience targeting within their campaigns to identify user preferences, to bring forth better search advertising and to help increase visibility. The key is finding the best platform to implement a successful campaign.

On August 24th, local digital marketers met at Knucklepuck’s Ballston office to hear about how Paid Media influences website engagement and user conversion from three marketing strategists:

  1. Moira Miller, Paid Media Manager of Knucklepuck
  2. Cyrus Sussman, Digital Marketing Manager of 1776
  3. John Foster Otmany, Digital Marketing Director of Reingold, Inc.

Each speaker presented useful tips and tools comprehensive enough for any business to implement in their next marketing campaign. Some of our favorite informational tidbits can be found below

Understanding Paid Social – Moira Miller

With years of experience leading successful paid media campaigns, Knucklepuck’s own Moira Miller discussed the importance of paid social for transforming site visitors into customers.

Paid social is the use of paid advertising on social media platforms and websites. According to Miller, leveraging the right platforms with paid social strategies can build and strengthen brand recognition, to ultimately increase user visibility and engagement.. Though effective, these campaigns can be difficult to measure. In order to determine user preferences to better engage site visitors, we as digital marketers will have to measure engagement through click-through rates and other assessment tools to help understand our audience needs and to promote ad content.

Some key social media platforms to help achieve these goals through ad campaigns include:

  • Facebook — An ideal social media platform to create brand awareness and target users by location, interests and life events.
  • LinkedIn — This platform can easily identify users by professional demographics including job title, industry and company size.
  • Instagram — This innovative social media forum is made up of thousands of niche communities that can be targeted for user conversion. Ads can be incorporated seamlessly into content and user experience.
  • Twitter — Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter encourages promotion and user engagement in real time. If a user retweets an ad, their followers can see it and may follow suit.

Though there are other platforms to help increase brand visibility and user exposure, these key social media networks are some of the easiest to understand and the simplest to measure engagement rates. Go check your following!

Paid Remarketing Tips – Cyrus Sussman

Paid social campaigns mean nothing if visitors are not converting. Cyrus Sussman, digital marketing manager at 1776, explained in his presentation that users rarely convert or put forth any action after their first visit to a website. To entice visitors, it’s helpful to position targeted ads in front of them as they browse the web, in hopes they return to your website. This clever tactic is referred to as remarketing, and it helps digital marketers to better connect with their audience through targeted ads. Sussman mentions that previous website visitors are the best to target since they are most likely to engage.

Remarketing an audience can be the missing link between user engagement and conversion. In addition to targeting ads, Sussman recommends targeting messages to your audience to also help influence conversion. But don’t set it and forget it! It is important to rotate your messages to keep things fresh and to continue engaging viewers. The same ad can exhaust your audience’s attention and make a user reluctant to revisit your site.

Intro to Google Analytics – John Foster Otmany

To end the evening, Reingold’s John Foster Otmany presented a useful how-to approach on using Google Analytics as a novice. While increasing website engagement and user conversions are key, it’s important to know how your campaigns are impacting your audience on multiple platforms. Otmany recommends using Google Analytics to help measure campaign success and to better understand user engagement.

According to Otmany, getting started with this application is fairly simple for a number of reasons:

  • The standard package is free
  • Once set up, it automatically begins collecting website data
  • There are ample training materials, specifically Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)
  • There are a number of online support forums

There are a number of other tracking tools digital marketers can use to measure campaign readiness and website engagement. However, Otmany encourages strategists of all levels to start with Google Analytics.

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