Knucklepuck Case Study

The Challenge

Optymyze provides comprehensive sales performance management solutions — including sales compensation management, territory management and setup services — to enterprise-level clients. The Optymyze website informs potential clients about their solutions, driving prospects to speak with a consultant for further information or sign up for  gated content, such as white papers, industry reports, articles and videos.

Optymyze asked Knucklepuck to provide strategic direction and tactical support for its existing resources and SEO and Paid Media goals. The goal for the Paid Media engagement was to increase qualified traffic, increase conversions and decrease cost per acquisition (CPA). The goal of the SEO engagement included content optimization and updated analytics collection. Knucklepuck also recommended specific website redesign recommendations.

The Solutions

Knucklepuck’s SEO Solutions

Knucklepuck’s SEO Team initiated a structured tactical plan that included:

  • Recommending information architecture and layout changes in tandem with Optymyze’s website redesign
  • Content optimization via keyword and conversion recommendations
  • Analytics updates to improve data accuracy and tracking
  • Technical recommendations to ensure crawlability and optimize page speed and internal linking


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Knucklepuck’s Paid Media Solutions

Knucklepuck’s Paid Media Team launched a multi-step strategy focused on:

report by from the Noun Project

  • Creation of a new campaign structure
  • Optimization of campaigns for high-intent keywords
  • Refinement of bidding strategy
  • Redesign and testing of ad copy
  • Expansion and refinement of keyword targeting strategies
  • Expansion of display remarketing initiatives


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The Results

By adding Knucklepuck SEO and Paid Media to their team, the Optymyze website was refreshed which resulted in:

SEO Results

  • 6 campaign highs from February 2017 – February 2018
  • 105.15% increase year-over-year
  • 78.27% organic traffic growth year-over-year

Paid Media

  • 4.9% lower Cost Per Acquisition over the first three months
  • 6.9% higher Click Through Rate over the first three months
  • 13.9% higher Conversion Rate over the first three months
Not only did Knucklepuck surpass our expectations in regards to deliverables, but each of their team members is knowledgeable and easy to work with. Knucklepuck continues to earn our business every day.
Renny Fidlon
Vice President of Marketing

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