Our Story

Knucklepuck has flourished since its inception.

About Knucklepuck

Brett Snyder founded Knucklepuck in May 2014 as a rebellion against the standard marketing agency model, which promotes vanity metrics over integrity and red tape over creativity. Since then, Knucklepuck has grown explosively, expanding from a one-man operation in Brett’s townhouse to a team of more than a dozen digital marketing mavericks in a custom-built space in Arlington, Virginia.

Nurturing authentic customer relationships is a key ingredient in Knucklepuck’s secret sauce. We work with our clients, not for them, which has helped us build a reputation as a powerhouse digital marketing agency in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Knucklepuck's logo shortened to "Kp"Knucklewhat?

Knucklepuck, by any other name, would be as boss. But there’s something special about our name. It stands out, just as our work does. In hockey, a knucklepuck is the winning shot in the game, a team’s secret weapon. We like to think of ourselves in the same light; our winning digital marketing strategies are our clients’ secret weapon.

Core Values

These values are our North Star, guiding the Knucklepuck team toward success in everything we do. No matter the client, the project, or the constraints, we pledge to always live these values.

Mission Statement

Knucklepuck is not simply an outsourced partner — we are a fully-integrated extension of your digital marketing team. We don’t just optimize your website for enhanced online exposure, we create web experiences that elevate your brand, engage your users and drive sustainable, bottom-line growth to your business.

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