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Content Services

Knucklepuck’s Content team produces web copy informed by SEO and user experience best practices to engage your visitors and drive them through your conversion funnel.

Highly experienced with a foundation of persuasive storytelling, the Knucklepuck Content Team offers an SEO-informed content marketing approach, creating relevant and valuable content to build relationships with targeted customers.

Our Content services include:

  • Content Audit
  • Content Mapping
  • Content Production
  • Content Strategy

Content Audit

A Knucklepuck content audit is a systematic review of your site content to determine, piece-by-piece, how best to leverage your site copy to address customers’ needs, your organization’s goals, and search engine algorithms. It is a valuable exercise to help understand the material and inform efforts to deliver content that matches modern customer needs and expectations.

  • Qualitative Assessment of Content Assets – Identifies strengths and weaknesses, such as relevance to your customer’s wants/needs, effectiveness in addressing your customer’s search intent, adherence to your brand voice, viability of internal and outbound links, and presence of key elements, such as a CTA (call to action).
  • Holistic Evaluation of Entire Content Portfolio – Identifies duplicate content as well as gaps in content needed to support your customer’s journey from initial introduction through conversion.
  • Defines Keyword Focus – Informed by SEO research to optimize content for keywords you can and should be ranking for
  • Recommendations – Suggesting which content to keep as-is, update, consolidate with other pages, or remove.

Content Mapping

Working closely with our expert SEO team, the Knucklepuck Content Team employs content mapping to get the right message to targeted prospects at the right time to effectively generate and nurture leads. Key components of our content mapping process include:

Conforms with Our SEO Keyword Bucketing Methodology – Matching content with the type of customer, such as transactional, branded/navigational, or informational.
Aligns Keywords with User Intent – Identifying the purpose behind target audience searches.
Reinforces Quality Signals for Search Engines – Maintaining content that is consistent and cohesive.
Streamlines Content Production – Identifying high priority content needs while preventing cannibalization and mitigating duplicate content concerns.

Content Production

Your content strategy is only as good as your copywriting. Our experienced writers start with a deep understanding of your prospects and then create custom content that — while leveraging SEO strategy and competitive research — is focused on solving their problems and growing your business.

Communicating directly to your target audience, maintaining your brand voice, and encouraging prospects to engage with your content, Knucklepuck can handle your content production needs in a variety of areas, including:

  • Evergreen Content – Interesting and relevant SEO content with no expiration date that retains relevance and value, growing traffic over an extended period of time.
  • Web Pages – Copy and headlines that inform visitors about your company, products, services, etc. giving them what they need to know (and what you want them to know) based on the page they have selected, such as your homepage, product/services, and your About page.
  • Blog Posts – SEO-driven content published to your site reflecting your subject-matter expertise by offering valuable information and insights to your target audience.
  • Guest Blogs – SEO-driven content of value to your target audience written for another website frequented by your prospects/customers to build your reputation and outside links to your website.
  • Long-form Evergreen Content – Evergreen content with extended research and, where appropriate, interviews and custom graphics.
  • Sell Sheets – Short copywriting about services or products to enable your sales team. Includes interviews with subject-matter experts.
  • Ad Copy – Copy developed with the Knucklepuck Paid Media Team to increase conversion rates by motivating your targeted audience to visit specific landing pages.
  • Headlines – Short copy designed to catch the attention of a targeted audience and encourage them to read the rest of the content.
  • Whitepapers – Long-form resource content with research and interviews with client subject-matter experts.
  • E-Commerce Category Pages – Branded sales content that describes e-commerce products.

Knucklepuck also provides services for existing content, including:

  • Copy Editing – Basic editing of existing content, including review for spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow, and style.
  • Refreshing – Premium editing that often involves rewriting or the expansion of existing content. Refresh strategies are typically based on SEO Content Gap Analyses and/or client interviews.

Content Strategy

High-quality content puts your business in front of your audience. The Knucklepuck Content Team will employ SEO and user experience best practices to craft a strategy that mobilizes your audience.

Services we offer to support content strategy include:

  • Editorial Calendar – Strategic schedule for producing and publishing site content.
  • Brand Voice Guidelines – Strategic document that defines your brand personality to inform writing and editing.
  • Content Audit – As described above, an analysis of existing website content to determine the value. Recommendations are informed by SEO research to determine which content to keep as-is, update, consolidate with other pages, or remove.
  • Content Gap Analysis – Working with the Knucklepuck SEO Team to enhance existing content and strengthen credibility by combining keyword research and competitive analysis of content on specific pages.


Ready to improve your marketing communications for increased traffic and conversions? Let the Knucklepuck Content Team put our talents producing persuasive content to work promoting your brand and growing your bottom line.

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