Content Marketing Strategy

Planning for Content Marketing success.

Brilliant Content Marketing campaigns inspire users, build brand authority and secure new business. Our content strategy services are the first step toward getting you there. These diligent plans detail what we write, how we reach your audience and when we publish.

Content Strategy Services

High-quality content gets your business in front of your audience. Knucklepuck’s strategic insights will serve as your roadmap to get there. Our team will leverage SEO and user experience best practices to craft a strategy that engages and mobilizes your audience.

  • Editorial Calendar – Strategic plan for producing website content, including blog posts and evergreen pages, and map this content across a clear publishing schedule.
  • Brand Voice Guidelines – Strategic document that defines a brand’s personality to guide writing and editing.
  • Content Quality Audit – Analysis of existing website content to determine the value. Recommendations are informed by SEO research to determine which content to keep as-is, consolidate with other pages or remove.
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The Knucklepuck Way

To maximize the impact of each word on the page, you need a clear action plan. Our approach to Content Marketing strategy considers every angle, including what’s best for your brand and for search engine optimization.

Baked-In SEO

All of Knucklepuck’s services are fully integrated, meaning our Content Team incorporates SEO insights in everything we publish. The end result is a truly competitive strategy that reflects your industry expertise, delights users and meets search engine needs to boot.

Extension of Your Team

Relationship-building is our forte, and something integral to our approach to content strategy. Stepping into your shoes is the first step. What is your vision? What are your competitive advantages? Understanding your “why” ensures our strategic recommendations fit seamlessly with your brand.

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