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Paid Media Services

Knucklepuck’s Paid Media team focuses on driving efficiencies across your ad spend budget to minimize Cost per Acquisition and maximize return on investment.

Paid Media is an essential component of generating brand awareness, engaging and re-engaging customers, and driving revenue growth. To maximize your return on investment, Paid Media requires constant attention, analysis of campaign performance, and fine-tuning.

Knucklepuck Paid Media experts operate on both a strategic and tactical level — from planning to implementation to reporting — with a full complement of research tools and industry knowledge, combined with an intimate understanding of the unique advantages of each advertising platform to deliver results.

To drive click-through rates, drop cost-per-click and increase Quality Score, The Knucklepuck Paid Media team focuses on key core components for campaign success:

  • Marketing Mix
  • Campaign Setup
  • Campaign Management
  • Analysis & Iteration

Marketing Mix

To effectively engage with new and repeat customers online, you need the right tool for the job. Our Paid Media experts will work with you to fully understand your business goals before recommending a tailored combination of platforms for your marketing mix.

  • Google Ads – User-friendly advertising on the world’s leading search engine.
  • Facebook Advertising – Most valuable for creating brand awareness and expanding campaign audience.
  • Microsoft Advertising – Capture Bing search engine users who account for roughly 20% of overall search activity online.
  • LinkedIn – Most valuable in B2B for targeting professional networks.
  • Instagram – Best used to generate brand awareness.
  • Pinterest – Best leveraged for brand discovery and awareness.
  • Google Display – Best used to expand brand awareness and reach. Google’s Display Network reaches 90% of users worldwide via news pages, blogs and Google websites.
  • Google and Facebook Remarketing – Re-engage users who have previously interacted with your brand, whether through another ad or a website visit. Ads display for subsequent searches on either the Google Display Network or through Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) on Google and search partner sites.

Campaign Setup

The Knucklepuck Paid Media team sets up your new accounts to capture clean, reliable data for continuous ad and campaign optimization for better results and for lower costs.

  • Account Audits – Analysis of existing accounts to identify areas of improvement, optimization, and growth opportunities.
  • Full Account Build & Setup – Comprehensive campaign architecture, from creation to execution. Includes researching keyword strategy, writing ad copy, testing, setting match types, and managing bids.
  • Account Restructure – Modifying campaigns based on an audit of an existing account and identifying growth opportunities.
  • Account Expansion – Growing existing accounts to include new campaigns, channels, or target audience segments.

Campaign Management

Our team will put your advertising plan into action, monitoring your accounts daily, adjusting strategy as performance dictates, and offering progress reports along the way.

Your personal account manager will ensure you’re investing every penny wisely.

  • Consulting – Strategic recommendations to drive account performance.
  • Account Management – Strategic monitoring and management of multiple accounts on various platforms.
  • Account Expansion – Identifying and implementing strategic growth opportunities for new or existing accounts.
  • Ad Extensions – Leveraging features to make your ads prominent and more compelling with user interactions.
  • Keyword Optimization – Strategic research into user search intent, to improve visibility and reduce ineffective ad spend. Includes match type analysis to identify and fill coverage gaps.
  • Manual Bidding – Individualized keyword bidding to ensure the budget is allocated more effectively and efficiently.
  • Dayparting – Identifying the best times of day and the best days of the week for specific product conversion and then maximizing coverage during those times to drive efficiency.
  • A/B testing – Fine-tuning strategy based on constant testing to identify incremental growth opportunities.
  • Tracking & Attribution – Verifying performance data is captured accurately and bucketed for efficient bidding and performance.
  • Daily Oversight – Catching and fixing issues enables quicker pivots in strategy to maximize user engagement and conversions.

Analysis & Iteration

Proper analysis and iteration are fundamental to paid media strategy, allowing you to maximize results on your current campaign and to reach more users, drive sales and reduce costs on the next. Our analysis helps us identify the missing links to your campaign’s success, making informed decisions based on your goals and actual performance data.

  • Campaign Performance Analysis – Evaluating campaigns across platforms to evaluate success rates and make budget adjustments.
  • KPI Analysis – Aligning CPC, CTR, CR, CPA, etc. with your business objectives.
  • Competitor Analysis – Research competitor strategies to identify growth opportunities for expanding your campaigns.
  • Dayparting Analysis – Review of campaigns based on day of week and time of day to determine when the target audience is most likely to engage with the ads.
  • Device Analysis – Review of success rates based on digital platforms — such as mobile, tablet, and desktop — to inform targeting strategy.
  • Weekly & Monthly Reporting – Monitoring traffic, conversions, and ad spend to evaluate performance trends and iterate strategy accordingly.
  • Ongoing Analysis – to identify what strategies are working/not working and pivot as needed.

Ready to leverage our expertise to have your customer acquisition and remarketing messages reach their full potential? Let the Knucklepuck Paid Media team sweat the details needed to efficiently manage your ad spend budget to maximize your results.

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