How Paid Media & Data Interact

Crunching the numbers to scale success.

The secret ingredient in any successful Paid Media campaign is analysis and tracking. You need to see where you’ve been to determine where you’re going next. The process is simple, and yet so few do it right: track data, analyze results, iterate strategy, repeat.

Paid Analysis and Iteration Services

Analysis and iteration are the linchpins of Paid Media strategy; proper analysis and iteration allows you to maximize results on your current campaign and soar higher on the next. Our analysis and iteration services could be the missing link to your campaign’s success.
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  • Campaign Performance Analysis – Evaluating campaigns on different platforms to determine success rates and allow for budget adjustments.
  • Competitor Analysis – Research competitor strategies to identify growth opportunities for expanding our campaigns.
  • Time of Day Analysis – Review of campaigns based on time of day to determine optimal times to run ads.
  • Day of Week Analysis – Review of campaigns based on day of week to determine when the target audience is most likely to engage with the ads.
  • Device Analysis – Review of success rates based on digital platforms — such as mobile, tablet and desktop — to inform targeting strategy.
  • Weekly & Monthly Reporting – Strategic recommendations and analysis performed on a weekly and monthly basis.
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The Knucklepuck Way

Anyone can monitor campaign progress, but they won’t do it like we do. That’s because we don’t just monitor — we strategize. How can we use this data to reach more users, drive sales and reduce costs? Tracking and analysis offers the answer to these questions.

Data-First Mindset

We love numbers and data — so much so, they inform everything we do. Having a data-driven approach means no information goes to waste. Once we’re aligned on goals and KPIs, we leverage data to inform how we maximize spend and seize opportunities for growth as we go.

A/B Testing

Paid Media takes the guess work out of strategy because data doesn’t lie. There’s no need to speculate about what users want when we can A/B test ad copy, publishing times or keywords to see what users engage with most.

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