Paid Media & PPC Campaign Management

A hands-on approach to growing your business.

A well-laid plan is only as good as its execution. As an extension of your business, our Paid Media Team will take charge of the day-to-day management of your accounts. With our trusty hand at the wheel, you can get back to doing what you do best — building your business.

Campaign Management Services

What good is a Paid Media strategy if you don’t put it into action? Our team will bring your advertising plan to fruition, monitoring your accounts daily, iterating strategy as performance dictates and offering progress reports along the way.

  • Consulting – Strategic recommendations to drive account performance growth.
  • Account Portfolio Management – Strategic monitoring and management of multiple accounts on various platforms.
  • Account Expansion – Identifying and implementing strategic growth opportunities for a new or an existing account.
  • Keyword Research – Strategic research into user search intent, used to improve visibility and reduce ineffective spend on irrelevant search queries. Includes matchtype analysis to identify and fill coverage gaps.
  • Manual Bidding – Individualized keyword bidding to ensure the budget is allocated more effectively and efficiently.
  • Tracking & Attribution – Verifying performance data is captured accurately and bucketed for bidding and performance efficiency.
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The Knucklepuck Way

We’re not your average campaign manager. Our dedicated Paid Media Team will give your accounts continual attention to ensure we’re spending every penny wisely.

Daily Oversight

Our team gives your accounts TLC every day because we don’t believe in the “set it and forget it” approach. Daily oversight prevents redundancies, and it’s this attention to detail that results in quicker pivots in strategy. The end result? Maximized user engagement and conversions.

Manual Bidding

We take your budget seriously, down to every last cent. Manual bidding ensures we effectively engage with your ideal audience while lowering the cost per qualified lead, all while taking one more thing off your already overcrowded plate. Win-win-win.

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