Paid Media Campaign Setup

Building winning campaigns from the ground up.

A new business, product/service or brand can all benefit from a new ad campaign to boost your sales and name recognition. We’ll help you get off the ground, building or rebuilding your campaigns from scratch with unique ad copy.

Paid Media Campaign Services

If your business could use a boost, new campaigns are a proven way to get qualified leads. Using the right marketing mix, we set up your new accounts to produce clean, reliable data that will inform your advertising success for years to come.

  • Full Account Build & Setup – Comprehensive campaign architecture, from creation to execution. Includes writing ad copy, testing, setting matchtypes and managing bids.
  • Account Audits – Analysis of existing accounts to identify areas of improvement, optimization and growth opportunities.
  • Account Restructure – Adjusting campaigns based on audit of an existing account and identifying growth opportunities.
  • Account Expansion – Growing existing accounts to include new campaigns, channels or target audience segments.
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The Knucklepuck Way

It’s not so hard to cede control of setting up a new campaign when you know you’ve hired the right person for the job. Our Paid Media Team will start your campaign off on the right foot, with a special focus on SEO, your industry and what makes your business stand out from the competition.

Subject Matter Experts

Call us know-it-alls, but we want to learn everything we can about your industry before getting started. Your business is our business, after all. Combined with our Paid Media know-how, this newfound expertise will help us create the best campaigns for your unique industry and audience.

Set Up for Success

We live for the nitty-gritty details most overlook. Taking a granular, methodical approach to campaign setup means you’ll have accounts that are organized, up-to-date and follow the proper hierarchy. All that prep-work means you’ll have clean data and a working advertising engine to deliver scalable results.

Let's Get To Work

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