Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

Picking the sharpest tool from the toolbox.

Every Paid Media strategy involves a marketing mix — a collection of advertising channels to convey your messaging. Each type of campaign and platform offers myriad ways to uniquely reach your ideal audience. We know which platforms and campaign types to use, and when, to get the biggest bang for your Paid Media buck.

Paid Media Channels

To effectively engage with new and repeat customers online, you need the right tool for the job. Our Paid Media experts will talk with you to understand your business goals before recommending a tailored combination of platforms for your marketing mix.

  • Facebook Advertising – Most valuable for creating brand awareness and expanding campaign audience.
  • LinkedIn – Most valuable in B2B for targeting professional networks.
  • Bing Ads – Capture Bing search engine users who account for roughly 20% of overall search activity online.
  • Instagram – Image- and video-based platform owned by Facebook. Best used to generate brand awareness.
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  • Pinterest – Content curation platform best leveraged for brand discovery and user-awareness.
  • Google AdWords – User-friendly advertising on the world’s leading search engine.
  • Google Remarketing – Re-engage users who have previously interacted with your brand, whether through another ad or a website visit. Ads display on the Google Display Network and Remarketing for Search Ads Lists.
  • Google Display – Network best used to expand brand awareness, user recognition and reach. Google’s Display Network reaches 90% of users worldwide via news pages, blogs and Google websites.
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The Knucklepuck Way

Choosing the right marketing mix is the key to a strong Paid Media strategy, and strategy is what we do best. Our team will navigate the ins and outs of each platform to pivot quickly and maximize your results.

Lightning-Fast Data

Patience is a virtue our Paid Media clients don’t need to exercise. With near-immediate data on how your campaign is performing, including details on keywords and bidding, our team optimizes your accounts in real-time. Quick, data-driven pivots to iterate what’s working and eliminate what’s not are our specialty.

Jack of All Platforms

Our Paid Media experts can handle anything your marketing mix throws their way — whether you use one campaign type or a dozen. We know all the nuances of each platform and each campaign type, so you can feel confident leaving the details to us.

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