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SEO Services

Knucklepuck’s SEO team leverages your competitive advantages and unique selling proposition to optimize your website for organic rankings, traffic, and conversions.

At Knucklepuck, we understand that every business is different, just like every industry, every target market, every keyword, and every user is different.

A good SEO strategy identifies and captures user intent that already exists around your core products or services. By identifying all the different variations a user might search, we design and execute an on-page content strategy to secure top rankings and drive users directly to your target landing pages.

  1. Our first step is to gain a deep understanding of your industry and what’s important to your audience.
  2. Then we develop a custom SEO strategy that gets your content in front of the users searching for your keywords.
  3. Finally, we set up measurement parameters to iterate our approach over time, expanding the keyword footprint as we gain new rankings and efficiently leverage budget.

Some of the tactics we use to power these strategies and achieve measurable goals include:

  • SEO Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO Services
  • Technical SEO
  • Web Development Support
  • SEO Audit Services
  • Analytics & Reporting

When we leverage your industry expertise with our SEO team, we keep you ahead of the competition — maximizing organic search traffic with the ultimate goals of engagement and conversion.

Keyword Research Services

Optimizing your content for user intent satisfies the needs of both users and search engines. Our keyword strategy will balance broad, generic queries (ex. – search engine optimization) with queries related to specific specialization (ex. – on-page SEO, technical SEO audit), verticals (ex. – healthcare SEO, SEO for SaaS), and transactional (ex. – seo agency) to deliver a comprehensive user experience.

  • Keyword Research – Strategic research to identify what keyword phrases are being searched for, including an assessment of SERP competitiveness, and conversion potential. This informs content optimization and improves organic visibility.
  • Legacy Keyword Audit – Analysis of existing keyword coverage to identify low-hanging fruit, mitigate risk of pursuing new keyword at the expense of current money makers, and prioritize on-page optimization efforts. This informs our actionable strategic plan.
  • Keyword Mapping – Keywords organized by theme and assigned to target pages on your website. Ensures consistent signals for search engines, aligns users with your priority products and services, and informs future SEO efforts including metadata, and on-page recommendations for new and existing content.

SEO On-Page Optimization Services

Strategic content recommendations are the backbone of Knucklepuck’s SEO services. By focusing on developing high-quality content that services the keywords your target audience is using, we strengthen your credibility and increase organic rankings.

  • Metadata Optimization – Writing compelling title tags and meta descriptions that capture prime visibility and compel users to click on your SERP listing.
  • Content Gap Analysis – Combining keyword research and competitive analysis for existing content to enhance ranking and strengthen credibility.
  • Content Brief – Combining keyword research and competitive analysis for new content to aid copywriters to develop content that is optimized for search.
  • Content Production – Writing well-sourced, targeted content, our in-house content team seamlessly incorporates SEO focus.
  • Content Optimization – Reviewing content to optimize for SEO best practices including the elimination keyword stuffing, duplicate content and other risks for over-optimization.
  • Striking Distance Analysis – Analyzing keywords currently ranking 6-20 to prioritize low-hanging fruit and to make informed content recommendations for securing additional visibility.

Technical SEO Services

Knucklepuck offers technical SEO services to evaluate the technical infrastructure of your domain to assess how search engines are currently crawling and indexing your site content.

This service ensures that your site structure is stable and your on-page and off-page SEO efforts are attracting maximum visibility and making the highest possible impact.

  • Technical SEO Audit — Full review of the technical foundation of your website as it relates to how search engines crawl and process content.
  • Crawlability Analysis — In-depth analysis to ensure search engine bots can efficiently crawl your website.
  • Indexation Analysis — In-depth evaluation used to ensure proper indexation (and proper exclusion) from the major search engines for all website URLs.
  • Page Speed Analysis — Evaluation of and recommendations to improve page speed.
  • XML Sitemap Audits — Comprehensive analysis of XML sitemaps to eliminate errors and ensure search engines are processing your site as intended.
  • Site Health Checks — Routine checks to ensure website health and functionality.
  • Google Search Console Management — Leverage Google Search Console to monitor and manage your website’s presence in search results.
  • Structured Data – Markup recommendations designed to target Knowledge Graph and Featured Snippets.

SEO Audit Services

Auditing is a crucial step in supporting the functionality of your company’s website. Our auditing services provide the direction and context you need to effectively incorporate SEO into your marketing plan.

  • Penalty Assessment — A site audit to investigate a potential penalty following an algorithm update.
  • Technical SEO Audit – A holistic site audit to determine potential issues that would inhibit SEO campaigns. Factors to consider include site crawlability, indexation and content quality.
  • Google Analytics Audit – A review of a site’s Google Analytics account, how it’s implemented and opportunities for improving the data collection process leveraging
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Analytics & Reporting

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so Knucklepuck makes sure you have reporting in place and properly configured to provide actionable insights on how people arrive at your site and what they do when they get there. This gives you a solid foundation for intelligent decision making.

Audit current Google Analytics (GA) configuration to identify inaccurate or incomplete tracking
Install and configure Google Tag Manager (GTM) to manage page-level analytics and conversion tracking, ensuring proper attribution and requiring limited dev resources
Create filters to exclude irrelevant traffic, such as internal IPs and known spambots
Advanced data collection and verification including iframe tracking, 3rd party platform tracking, and cross-domain tracking for informed decision making


Your success or failure depends on how much high quality traffic visits your site. The Knucklepuck SEO team will drive that high converting traffic to you by making Google to see you as relevant and important. Take advantage of our expertise today.

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