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We mastermind competitive strategy.

Our SEO Team mixes a qualitative and quantitative approach to search engine optimization, keeping you one step ahead of competitors. Our cutting-edge SEO techniques + data-driven mentality + iterative process = more traffic, higher rankings and your business’s growth.

What We Do

When it comes to running a modern business, the reality is customers are searching for your goods or services online. In this virtual arena, the first search engine result page is prime real estate. Our job is to position you on that SERP, where research shows more than 70 percent of users click. Clicks = conversions = money in your pocket.

Knucklepuck recognizes search engine optimization as the art of reverse engineering. Our SEO Team has mastered this art, analyzing high-ranking pages to discover what’s working, what isn’t, and replicate. This process is never over, and it’s never performed in isolation. Our experts are constantly monitoring Google for changes and updating our processes accordingly.


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"I never worry about staying on top of SEO, because Knucklepuck does that for me. And they are nothing short of amazing!"

Daniel M. Rosenberg
Principal, Daniel M. Rosenberg & Associates

Google is like an organism, acting and reacting as it tries to mimic what users are searching for online. Google rewards websites that makes users happy — websites with killer content, backlinks from other sites and user-friendly design — and penalizes those that don’t.

We use these insights on ranking factors to develop an SEO strategy tailored to your business and industry, and push your website to the top. For the most effective results, our SEO Team uses a unique approach combining qualitative and quantitative components. These span both on-page and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO occurs at the intersection of search engine optimization and content marketing. Google uses signals from your content to determine what your website is about, and therefore when to return your site in response to a user query. As a result, our on-page strategies focus on the context and language of your web content. What keywords are you ranking for currently? What keywords are you close to ranking for? Is there any duplicate content on your site? Is the content high quality and informative?

Our team of data experts use an arsenal of analytics tools, technical prowess and industry knowledge to determine what your audience wants, and which metric movements will bring you closer to your goals. Then we pounce on ‘em.

We know SEO isn’t one-size-fits-all, so each strategy is specific to your website and your industry. Based on your unique scenario, we may recommend:

  • updates to existing content
  • consolidation of existing content
  • creating new content

Regardless of the on-page approach, our strategies all target long-term solutions over quick fixes. Rather than focus on individual keywords, our SEO strategies center around keyword themes. We use comprehensive keyword research to determine a variety of keyword themes your audience may be searching for, including general queries around your industry and specific queries about your type of goods or services.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO occurs — you guessed it — off your website. When you and others refer to your brand and website elsewhere online, it impacts your off-page SEO.

The most basic off-page SEO factor is a hyperlink to your website. These backlinks endorse your website content and influence your ranking on Google. While it can be tempting to build as many links as possible in order to boost off-page SEO, Knucklepuck’s Outreach Team takes a quality-over-quantity approach, investing in building high-quality links rather than targeting low-hanging fruit. The more high quality links you have, the better your rankings will be.

Our Outreach Team is dedicated to mastering off-page SEO — identifying industry influencers and contacting them using tested templates to acquire high-quality backlinks the organic, ethical way. Digital public relations is a key part of this strategy. From promoting your brand with industry influencers, interacting with your industry’s community in online forums and managing your digital reputation on review websites, our digital PR techniques improve brand recognition.

How We Work Together

In our SEO world, nothing is done in isolation. To make it into Google’s top SERP organically, we know each page must have quality content, design and link structure. Our SEO strategies, therefore, are a holistic endeavor, incorporating the strengths of our entire team:

Paid Media

We use data and insights from our Paid Media Team’s campaigns to inform on-page approaches and keyword targeting. Paid Media is also an ideal format for testing assumptions, which enables our SEO team to work more efficiently and optimize your return on investment.


Once we develop an on-page approach, our skilled Content Team is ready to spring into action, turning these strategic recommendations into reality. Implementing quality content that’s credibly sourced and embodies your brand voice will help boost your Google placement.


Developing a user-friendly web experience — the heart of SEO — includes many technical elements such as quick page speeds, responsive design and optimized mobile experiences. Our Development Team uses these technical SEO recommendations to improve user experience.

How We Prep

To get the best picture of your business and your customers, we start by getting to know you. What are your true competitive advantages? How do you make money? We’ll ask these questions and others during some strategic kickoff meetings to discuss your existing website and marketing materials before digging a little deeper ourselves.

Like digital detectives, we’ll conduct technical audits of your website. This allows our SEO Team to see where you need us most — where you’re already seeing success on search engine results pages. Once we determine your priority areas, we can align our SEO action items with your goals and begin building a customized strategy that will improve your on-page and off-page SEO and grow your business.

We’ll also jump in with an analytical audit on the “back end” to ensure you have the right web tracking elements in place. Say goodbye to unchecked 404 errors, orphan pages, bad redirects and spam traffic; say hello to an optimized website with accurate web traffic reports.

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