SEO Keyword Research

Connecting your answers with users’ questions.

It doesn’t take a psychic to understand what users want, just solid keyword research. This on-page SEO strategy lets us take a peek behind the curtain to understand what users are looking for. This is the key to optimizing your content and driving conversions.

Keyword Research Services

Optimizing your content for users’ search intent is a win-win strategy because it makes both users and search engines happy. Knowing what words or longer phrases your audience is typing in the search bar is the key to boosting your content marketing and higher rankings all in one.

  • Keyword Research – Strategic research on a user’s search intent about a topic or industry. Used to inform content and improve organic visibility.
  • Keyword Mapping – Organizing keyword research into consistent themes that align users with your priority products and services.
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The Knucklepuck Way

To us, the difference between good and great SEO is going the extra mile. Our SEO Team gets to know your business, your industry and your audience to accomplish this.

Subject-Matter Expertise

When we work together, Knucklepuck joins your team. That means learning the ins and outs of your industry so we can truly understand what sets you apart from competitors. This also comes in handy when putting ourselves in users’ shoes to understand their search queries.

Data-Driven Mentality

Talented as our team may be, we don’t rely on hunches. Every recommendation we make is backed up with cold, hard facts from industry-recognized tools. Listening to the numbers is just one way we maximize every opportunity for impact and stay vigilant with your budget.

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