SEO Website Audits

Identifying barriers to SEO success.

Limited functionality on your website can affect traffic, user conversion and audience engagement. The best way to identify these barriers to conversion is through website auditing. Using the results of an audit, our team can help you prepare a strategy to repair your SEO.

SEO Audit Services

Auditing is a crucial step in supporting the functionality of your company’s website. Our auditing services provide the direction you need to create a comprehensive, user-friendly website and ensure effective structure.

  • Penalty Analysis — A site audit to identify potential causes of a site’s penalties. This includes actionable recommendations on how to recover from an algorithm penalty.
  • Indexation Auditing – A site audit to determine how search engines evaluate the content for organic rankings. This audit is done to also ensure all relevant webpages are being indexed and all irrelevant pages are removed.
  • Technical Audits – A holistic site audit to determine potential issues that would inhibit SEO campaigns. Factors to consider include site crawlability, indexation and content quality.
  • Google Analytics Audit – A review of a site’s Google Analytics account, how it’s implemented and opportunities for improving the data collection process.
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The Knucklepuck Way

Strategy is what we do best, and site audits are the backbone of any quality SEO strategy. Our strategies pack a punch because they’re rooted in data and come from a place of empathy that puts your needs above our own.

Love For Data

Despite having years of experience, our team of skilled SEOs use top industry tools to backup hunches and add quantifiable data to our recommendations. We use Google Analytics, for example, to track user behavior and engagement that illustrate trends.

Honest Recommendations

Our business is making your business grow. Audits identify areas for growth, and we use them to create strategic recommendations. These fixes may be simple, or may require a comprehensive digital marketing investment. Regardless, we’ll always give you our honest assessment about what’s best for your business, not for ours.

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