Website Redesigns & SEO

Maximizing SEO impact during migrations.

You’ve worked so hard to build strong SEO signals to your existing site. When the time for a redesign comes, don’t risk losing the fruits of that labor. Securing SEO services for your website redesign will ensure your migration is technically accurate and your SEO carries over from old to new.

Redesign Support Services

Our redesign support services are a comprehensive approach to SEO, mixing on-page and technical SEO skills. The end-result is a job done right the first time and well-rounded guidance on how to maintain results.

  • Information Architecture Recommendations – Organizational recommendations for a site’s layout to ensure content is logically bucketed, which helps users and search engine crawlers understand what’s on your site.
  • URL Structure Recommendations – URL recommendations to ensure that the URLs are optimized for search engine crawlers and users.
  • Wireframe Reviews – Ensuring wireframes (blueprints of a site), calls-to-action and other design elements are optimized for search engine crawlers and users.
  • Site Migrations — Managing major site updates to ensure that SEO authority is carried over during transitions to new domains, page structures or content management systems.
  • Redirect Mapping — Manual redirecting outdated URLs during a migration to ensure SEO value is transferred to the new URLs.
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The Knucklepuck Way

Successfully migrating a website is more than checking a few boxes. Knucklepuck’s thorough methodology involves working hand-in-hand with your developers and following through on our work past launch.

Comprehensive Due Diligence

It’s a rookie mistake to think the job is done when the new site in launched. Post-launch is the most crucial time in a redesign. We stay busy verifying migrations, checking traffic and ensuring search engines can access and crawl the site.

Team Players

A website redesign or migration wouldn’t be possible without a talented website developer on the team. Whether you have a full-time dev on your staff or you’re working with ours, Knucklepuck will coordinate with all developers and designers on the team to coordinate efforts and maximize SEO.

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