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Web Development Services

Knucklepuck’s Web Development team designs and builds custom WordPress sites, integrating with your tech stack to boost customer acquisition and retention.

Our custom WordPress solutions are effective, dependable, scalable and secure. Our mission is to make content management easy, which turns your website into a tool to increase your customer engagement, strengthen your brand value, and drive new revenue.

Our service offerings include:

  • Web Development Discovery
  • Website Audits
  • Custom Website Development
  • Custom Website Design
  • Fixed Bid Pricing

Web Development Discovery

The Knucklepuck Web Dev Team won’t offer strategic advice or start tactical execution until we fully understand your requirements. Our proven system for collecting information yields a complete and accurate inventory of your needs. By establishing clear objectives upfront we are always accountable to your business goals.

  • Internal Stakeholder Meetings – A 360° understanding of project needs and expectations.
  • Business and Website Objectives – A deep understanding of KPIs with a framework for how success will be measured.
  • Strategic Intent – A clear definition of the business direction so everybody is working towards the same short- and long-term goals.
  • Technical Requirements – Review of specific application flows, data elements, third-party integrations and business logic to define technical requirements.
  • Target Audience – Understanding what’s important to your visitors, so the site can be tailored — design, IA, etc. — to make it easy for customers and prospects to quickly find the right information.
  • SEO Audit – Detailed analysis of your website infrastructure to ensure optimal crawling and indexation in SERPs (search engine results pages).
  • SEO Information Architecture – Our SEO team works with you to develop your new site structure for optimal crawling and user experience.
  • Content Audit – Qualitative assessment of website content to inform migration strategy and ongoing content marketing strategy.

Custom WordPress Website Development

User experience starts with intelligent design. We embrace those things that make your organization unique and we incorporate them into your new website, resulting in positive user experiences that will translate into more business activity.

The development phase is where explicit and well-defined client objectives are handed to our team with the skills and expertise necessary to execute.

Knucklepuck’s Web Dev Team develops exclusively on WordPress to build custom solutions that are stable, responsive, fast, user-friendly, reliable and, importantly, optimized to deliver results.

  • Custom WordPress Development – Custom-coded WordPress theme with a flexible modular layout based on client design specs.
  • Content Management – Powerful CMS solutions that are simple to use so content managers can easily manage the day-to-day changes necessary to fully leverage your website as a business and marketing tool.
  • Responsive Design – Testing and recommendations with an emphasis on optimizing for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices of all dimensions.
  • Page Speed Optimization – We’ve always optimized for speed, even before our SEO team told us page speed is one of Google’s ranking factors. The stakes are too high for your organization to have a poor performing website.
  • User Experience – Recommendations to improve website design or functionality based on user experience best practices.
    Built-in SEO – We develop sites leveraging SEO best practices, informed by our work with our highly skilled SEO team.
  • ADA Compliance – Auditing and optimizing current sites for compliance with the Americans with Disability Act, including evaluation of color schemes and interactive features.
  • API Integrations – Knucklepuck has worked with hundreds and hundreds of APIs to enhance website functionality and content, from single sign-on, member-only content, custom data integration, and more.

Fixed Bid Pricing

By going through a Discovery exercise upfront, Knucklepuck is able to provide fixed bid pricing to ensure you get a site with the features and functionality that you need at a price point you expect. By detailing the project scope and locking in a price at the beginning of the project, you won’t be disappointed by a site that doesn’t deliver as expected and cost overruns that, unfortunately, occur far too often. 

Fixed bid pricing is just one aspect of Knucklepuck’s full transparency which makes your website build refreshingly surprise free and our reputation impressively positive.

Ready to leverage our skills and experience to forge meaningful connections with your target audience? Let the Knucklepuck Web Dev team build you a website that provides maximum value to your customers and increases the profitability of your business.

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