Custom Website Design

User experience starts with intelligent design.

We embrace those things that make your organization unique and we reflect them in our custom website designs. Your new website will excite your prospects and customers, resulting in positive user experiences that will translate into more business activity.

Custom Design Services

Although we do follow best design practices, nothing about Knucklepuck’s work is one-size-fits-all.

  • Custom Design – Graphic website design for new or existing sites based on audience, industry and brand preferences.
  • Responsive Design Optimization – Testing and recommendations with an emphasis on optimizing for all screen sizes from desktop to mobile.
  • ADA Compliance – Auditing and optimizing current sites for compliance with the Americans with Disability Act, including evaluation of color schemes and interactive features.
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The Knucklepuck Way

Combating the commonplace, our solutions-driven and client-focused design methodology consistently bring fresh concepts and originality to our client websites.

Atomic Web Design Library

Our proprietary library of front-end development and design code streamlines design processes, creating an easier design experience for you and, ultimately, a better user experience for your customers and prospects. We use these building blocks to quickly assemble the foundation of your site. The end result is rock-solid HTML, CSS and Javascript content structures, layouts and typography.

World-Class Team

Knucklepuck’s world-class Web Development Team has worked on a wide range of web-based initiatives for a variety of clients including Raytheon, Time Warner Cable, Columbia Energy Group, Fast Company, Chico’s FAS,, The Sci-Fi Channel, Marvel, Sony and more.

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