Brett Snyder

CEO & Founder

About Brett

Brett founded Knucklepuck in reaction to a failing agency model to correct an all-too-common issue: the disconnect between agency and client.

Focused primarily on delivering an extraordinary relationship as well as phenomenal service, Brett envisioned a marketing partner that would be a genuine extension of each client’s team, not simply an outsourced third party.

In case his not-so-subtle office decor didn’t tip you off, Brett is a proud alumnus of Villanova and regularly returns to campus to guest lecture on the power of digital to connect businesses and consumers. He has an unquenchable thirst for learning and his passion for growing people and businesses is what drives him to push the boundaries of what it means to be a digital agency. He is also the proud owner of quite the collection of nerdy SEO t-shirts.

When not cracking the Google code, Brett feeds his soul with ultimate frisbee, live music festivals and making his own rap music videos starring himself. He’s better at Brettgammon than anyone you know (he may have an unfair advantage, seeing as he invented it), and also likes making short mockumentaries for his friends. Most of all, Brett relishes time with his college-sweetheart-turned wife, Anne, and their two dogs, Lemon and Hippo.

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  • Woodbridge, CT


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