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Case Studies

The Challenge

Identify new opportunities to increase qualified leads while keeping cost per acquisition as low as possible.

The Solutions

Performed a holistic campaign audit to determine how to maximize budget spend and regularly adjusted keyword bids based on weekly performance.

The Results

Quick improvements in click traffic and qualified leads while spending less. Stats

The Challenge on is a premier digital resource for people researching annuities and structured settlements. The website provides factual, informative articles on complex financial topics and connects users interested in selling their annuity or structured settlement with purchasing firms.’s longstanding digital presence and ongoing paid media advertising were already garnering impressive results. turned to Knucklepuck’s Paid Media Team to explore growth strategies to increase its number of qualified leads while driving down cost per acquisition as low as possible.

Knucklepuck’s challenge was to identify growth opportunities in an already efficient account while optimizing cost per acquisition. - All Screens

The Solutions

Knucklepuck’s Paid Media Team began with an audit of paid media analytics and performance data to isolate differences across various metrics and ad schedules, such as time of day and time of week ad placement. Constant communication with the team — including weekly check-ins — led to a trusting relationship that allowed for further testing and optimization.

Knucklepuck ran campaigns across three major platforms: Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. Our strategy relied heavily upon executing identified growth opportunities, manual bidding, control of keyword matching and client communication.

Campaign Audit

Knucklepuck’s Paid Media Team evaluated the historical performance of’s campaigns, including time of day and time of week analysis, to determine how to shift budget throughout the month. We used this historical data to develop predictive forecasting — which also takes into account industry insights, current events and other social constructs such as holidays — that informs monthly qualified lead goals and budget allocation.

We also completed weekly performance analysis and mid-month campaign analysis to determine how to amplify successful strategies and strengthen under-performing campaigns. Once the campaign captured a pre-qualified lead, the Paid Media Team followed up with to confirm the lead was a legitimate prospect.

Bid Optimization

Analyzing ad spend and keyword bidding and matching also played a key role in Knucklepuck’s strategy for Our bidding management plan included:

  • Allocating the budget — including manual bidding based on daily, weekly and monthly performance — to maximize the reach of effective campaigns
  • Adding negative keywords to block out irrelevant searches and curb spend
  • Adjusting keyword bids across matchtype — exact match and broad match, for example — to account for a user’s intent and therefore target more qualified leads

Client Communication

Constant communication with was an essential part of the campaign strategy to ensure it was yielding ideal results. Our Paid Media Team worked directly with the president of the company to relay updates on the campaigns, spend and new opportunities for campaign shifts. Such findings were communicated on weekly phone calls and via near daily emails to keep heavily involved in the decision-making process. Knucklepuck and also met monthly to discuss the account budget and goal proposals.

The Results

After only four months of work, Knucklepuck was able to meet’s goals. As a result of our strategy, spent less on advertising and saw a significant increase in qualified leads. Knucklepuck’s campaign management also resulted in increased click traffic and a decreased ratio of ad spend per qualified lead.

The results Knucklepuck drove show there is always room for improvement, even in longstanding, high-performing paid media advertising campaigns.

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