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Case Studies

Maumee Valley Movers

The Challenge

Increase the number of qualified leads generated and reduce the cost of lead acquisition.

The Solutions

Overhaul MVM's Google Ads accounts to optimize bidding, research new keywords and retarget customers.

The Results

Both websites saw an increase in conversions, decrease in ad spend and decrease in cost per acquisition.

The Challenge

Maumee Valley Movers is an Ohio-based, multi-location commercial and residential moving company. Their websites inform users about the company and the moving process, driving prospects to request a quote.

MVM approached Knucklepuck after getting unsatisfactory results working with a PPC and SEO vendor. Their primary need was to increase the quantity and quality of leads for their Columbus and Toledo locations, each with their own website. They also hoped to eventually reduce their cost of lead acquisition. Knucklepuck’s challenge was to generate high quality leads while driving down the cost of generating those leads.

The Solutions

Knucklepuck’s Paid Media Team started with an overhaul of MVM’s Google Ads accounts, removing duplicate keyword coverage, bidding according to matchtype and adjusting bid strategy. Next, the Paid Media Team focused on Google Ads account optimization, adding specific campaigns against heavily researched keywords, negatives and tailored ad copy.

Our strategy relied heavily upon analyzing what had been done in the past and fine-tuning those tactics for refined targeting and efficiency.

Account Bidding Refinement

After analyzing previous work done for MVM’s two brands, Knucklepuck’s Paid Media Team removed duplicate keyword coverage from existing campaigns. Then we adjusted the bids according to matchtype to account for user intent. Finally, a more aggressive bidding strategy — based on continuing analysis of historical data, seasonality, and current performance — was initiated.

Google Ads Account Optimization

Preparing a Search Term Report identified areas for keyword expansion. Opportunities identified included promoting hot tub, in-house moving and college moving services. The Search Term Report, along with new keywords, revealed negatives that were added to prevent irrelevant clicks and spend. Retargeting — in the form of display — was added to re-engage and drive interested leads to action.

Stats for Maumee Valley Movers

Maumee Valley Movers Stats

Stats for MVM Columbus

MVM Columbus Stats

The Results

By adding Knucklepuck to their team, both MVM websites realized a sizable increase in well-qualified leads, which skyrocketed their conversions. At the same time, costs were significantly lowered.

The engagement started in May 2017, and by October of the same year, costs had been driven down by 15% for and by 7% for Conversions for both sites grew by 71% and 49%, respectively.

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