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Case Studies

The Challenge

Revamp the technical infrastructure of a website originally built using a non-search engine-friendly framework.

The Solutions

Performed a robust technical SEO audit that became a roadmap for improving the site's organic search performance.

The Results

Major increases in organic traffic and in non-homepage revenue after the technical audit roadmap was completed.


When Quorum, a public affairs software company, built its marketing department, a primary focus was to develop a comprehensive growth strategy across all digital channels.

Quorum’s site was underperforming from organic search, so Knucklepuck was brought in to assess the technical infrastructure and offer recommendations on specific steps to help the site become search engine-friendly.

Our Roles

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Crawlability Analysis
  • Indexation Analysis
  • XML Sitemap Audits


The Quorum website was built using ReactJS, a JavaScript framework. The implementation did not allow for search engines to effectively crawl and evaluate the content, making it difficult for the site to capture search engine visibility.


Quorum’s software as a service platform is designed to help public affairs professionals work smarter and move faster. To generate new leads and to properly serve its existing client base, Quorum’s website needed to reach this audience through search engines.


To meet Quorum’s objectives, Knucklepuck’s SEO team performed a full technical SEO audit to identify issues potentially hurting the site’s ranking performance in the major search engines.


Knucklepuck’s audit discovered a number of areas that could be addressed to improve organic search, including server side rendering (having the HTML content load before any of the JavaScript) to make sure that search engines were able to properly crawl and evaluate Quorum’s content.

Knucklepuck also identified thousands of pages on the backend that were negatively impacting the site by sending low-quality and duplicative signals to search engines.

“Our tech team got a lot of clear guidance on what to do following the audit,” indicated Cyrus Sussman, Quorum’s Director of Demand Generation. “Qualitatively, looking at our site before and after, the difference was night and day.”

“Quantitatively,” Sussman continued, “the impact of Knucklepuck’s recommendations speak for themselves. In the first year, overall search traffic more than doubled. The next year they were up an additional 27%.”

“We have an incredibly talented and hardworking team at Quorum. With direction from Knucklepuck, the first year post-audit brought us net-new revenue from non-homepage organic search traffic for the first time ever,” said Sussman. “We now expect revenue to reliably come in from organic search, and Knucklepuck deserves a lot of credit.”

Server-side Rendering Before

Server-side Rendering After

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