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Moira Miller

Director of Operations
Moira Miller
Saint James, NY

Armed with deep experience leading cutting-edge paid media campaigns, Moira joined Knucklepuck in 2016. In 2018, she became Knucklepuck’s Director of Marketing, overseeing the team members, clients, and operation of our SEO, Paid Media, and Content Marketing departments. In 2019, her customer-focused make-it-happen attitude, combined with her problem-solving and leadership skills, earned her a promotion to Director of Operations. Moira holds a B.S. in psychology with a sociology minor from Virginia Tech.

If you’re looking for Moira outside of the office, good luck finding her. Among other adventures, she’s been wine tasting across France, dog sledding in Mont Tremblant, scuba diving with sharks in Ocho Rios, making paella at a cooking school in Spain, and sport fishing in Costa Rica.

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