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Our Strengths

Focusing on weaknesses prevents failure. Focusing on strengths breeds success.

When it comes to professional development, conventional wisdom suggests businesses to focus on our weaknesses because improving shortcomings prevents failure. But Knucklepuck isn’t most businesses, and we don’t exist to deliver the bare minimum. We believe in capitalizing on our team’s strengths to demand the best for our clients.

This perspective — that success begets success — is the defining principle behind the Clifton StrengthsFinder, a psychology-based assessment that identifies a person’s top five strengths out of a universal list of 34 traits. We use this common language to truly understand our teammates — who they are, why they behave as they do and how to get the most out of them.

Armed with this knowledge, our leadership team can effectively leverage each person’s natural talents to compose winning project management strategies, allocate tasks and drive success for our clients. And, unlike other personality tests, StrengthsFinder offers concrete explanations that anyone — even those who haven’t taken the assessment — can understand, making its benefits truly universal.

Achiever Icon Achiever

An Achiever is driven by accomplishment. They are doers and relish the opportunity to cross things off their priority list.

Activator Icon Activator

Sometimes misunderstood as impatient, Activators crave action. They know how to move the train forward and are enthusiastic about starting it rolling.

Adaptability Icon Adaptability

People with Adaptability are, well, adaptable. Change doesn’t phase them. Those with Adaptability are well-suited to taking on last-minute projects or coping with unforeseen circumstances.

Analytical Icon Analytical

Analytical thinkers are in constant pursuit of the “why.” They appreciate data and equations. Seeing patterns or solving problems comes easily to them.

Arranger Icon Arranger

Arrangers are master jugglers, effortlessly analyzing a problem and weighing all the variables to determine the best configured outcome.

Communication Icon Communication

Those with Communication enjoy writing or speaking. And others love to listen to them. These expert communicators know how to get their point across, whether they’re chatting at the watercooler or delivering a keynote presentation.

Competition Icon Competition

Comparing yourself to others is not always a bad thing, especially for people with Competition. These people are motivated by how they stack up to those around them, the higher the bar the greater the drive to win.

Connectedness Icon Connectedness

Connectedness is anchored by the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. People with Connectedness are bridge builders and are convinced that there is no such thing as coincidence.

Consistency Icon Consistency

Equity and fairness are important to people with Consistency. They give credit where credit is due and value rules because they level the playing field for everyone.

Context Icon Context

A person with Context has an excellent memory to revisit prior experiences before making their next step. If you want to avoid repeating a mistake, ask a person with Context.

Developer Icon Developer

Developers always see the upside potential. Rather than being blinded by a person’s or project’s challenges, they look for the opportunity for growth and help facilitate it.

Empathy Icon Empathy

Empathy is understanding another person’s feelings without judgment. People with this strength are excellent at reading in between the lines with teammates and clients.

Futuristic Icon Futuristic

Futuristic people are dreamers, constantly asking, “What if?” They have vision and inspire hope in others.

Harmony Icon Harmony

People with Harmony favor compromise over conflict. They accept many points of view, making them perfect for tempering friction amongst their peers.

Ideation Icon Ideation

Those with Ideation are living in a perpetual brainstorm. They are excited by questions because it means an opportunity to devise possible answers.

Individualization Icon Individualization

Individualization allows a person to understand how others tick. They inherently recognize the qualities that make a person special to help get the most out of each person’s unique talents.

Input Icon Input

People with Input have a constant need to collect and archive. Ever curious, they store what interests them and can easily access information they learned years ago.

Learner Icon Learner

Learners crave knowledge and are eager to explore new skills or subject areas. They thrive in environments that facilitate their journey from initial exposure to competence to mastery.

Maximizer Icon Maximizer

Sometimes labeled as a perfectionist, a Maximizer is always in the pursuit of excellence. They seek opportunities to turn something from “good” into “great”.

Positivity Icon Positivity

Always optimistic, people with Positivity see the glass completely full: half milk and half air. Their friendly nature and encouraging attitude is infectious.

Relator Icon Relator

Relators are mostly satisfied by close, intimate relationships. They tend to gravitate towards those they genuinely connect with to achieve a desired outcome.

Responsibility Icon Responsibility

People with Responsibility pride themselves on their reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. They invariably do what they say.

Restorative Icon Restorative

If something is broken, a person with Restorative will be first in line to fix it. Finding solutions to repair or enhance comes naturally to them.

Strategic Icon Strategic

People who are Strategic can see both the forest and the trees. They are excellent planners and when making decisions see patterns where others may see complexity.

Woo Icon Woo

Woo stands for Winnings Others Over. Woos are naturally energized by the idea of meeting new people and building connections.

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